If you were away from home and you had to walk back home, what are the items you would want to have? In this video, I’ll share with you 18 critical items you should consider. Here are all the items listed out:

— Vanquest backpack (26L):
— Whatever bag you land on, be sure to have a hip belt to take the weight off your shoulders.

**1. Lighting**
— Red blinking light for backpack:
— Flashlight (solar and USB chargeable):
— Headlamp (USB chargeable):
— Vipertek tactical flashlight:
— Glowstick:

**2. Self-defense**
— Vipertek tactical flashlight:
— Pepper spray:
— Tactical keychain tool:

**3. Tools: Multitool, Fixed Blade Knife, and Saw**
— Multi-tool:
— Saw:
— Fixed blade knife:

**4. First aid: Basic Kit, Sunscreen**
— Israeli bandage:
— Tourniquet:
— Moleskin:
— Gauze:
— Bandage wraps:
— Sunscreen:
— Sting relief:
— Neosporin:

**5. Water Key, Filter, & Purification**
— Water key:
— Iodine tablets:
— Sawyer water filter:
— Purification tablets:

**6. Stimulants & Electrolytes**
— Zipfizz:
— Electrolyte tablets:

**7. Sanitation**
— Dude wipes:
— Toilet paper:
— Feminine hygiene pads:

**8. Sleeping Bag or Sleep Bivvy**
— Mylar blanket:
— Bivvy sack:

**9. Navigation: Map & Compass**
— Compass:
— InReach Mini GPS Satellite Communicator:

**10. Fire: Matches, lighter, fire starter**
— Firestarter ferrocerium:
— Stormproof Match Kit:
— Flint Steel:
— BIC lighter:

**11. Basic repairs: Duct Tape, Zip Ties, and Paracord**
— Gorilla glue:
— Gorilla tape:
— Zip ties:
— Survival paracord:

**12. Shelter: Tarp**
— Survival tarp/blanket:

**13. Food: Emergency Food**
— S.O.S. Emergency Bars:

**14. Rain Gear**
— Rain ponchos for the family:

**15. Communication: Hand Crank Emergency Radio, Ham Radio, & Notepad**
— Ham radio:
— Sol mirror:
— Radio with crank:
— Rite in rain notebook:

**16. Water storage**
— Water bladder:
— Water bottle:

**17. Hands**
— Mechanix Gloves:

**18. Funds**
— Cash, preferably in small denominations

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